Hi, thanks for visiting, my name is Jimmy Jackson and this is my partner Michelle and I out one evening at a local Salsa dancing event. Welcome to my website which I hope you like and wish that you find something that interests you and that is useful.  It is mainly focused on Business and Property, generally in the South Hampshire area but also includes some of the other work and projects that I am involved in, some links to Entrepreneurial content and advice in my blog, some sign posting and a sprinkling of fun stuff that I like to do.

I can’t go without the obligatory cat photo so this is Dave trying to tell me something, our local stray cat who also shares our household from time to time.

Have a browse around using the menus above. Local Business, Property and other resources of an entrepreneurial nature can be found here, some amazing drone video footage of the type I use in my property Case Studies is here.

If you’re interested in finding out about the most powerful tools I have come across in years of exploring which can turbo charge your self development efforts, scientifically based & essential if you intend on developing entrepreneurial traits, then head on over to my Character page.